PSS Electronics Waste

Welcome to the 2022 NextStep Electronics Recycling Competition
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What schools are participating? (NOTE: the dates shown are when your school will have a collection box [or barrels].)
    • Springfield: Two Rivers - Dos Rios Elementary (Apr. 4-8), Thurston MS (Undecided)
    • 4J: Cesar Chavez Elementary (Apr. 4-8), Bertha Holt Elementary (Apr. 4-8), Adams Elementary (Apr. 4-8), McCornack Elementary (Apr. 18-22), Yujin Gakuen Elementary/Kelly MS (Apr. 4-8), Kennedy MS (Apr. 18-22), Madison MS (Apr. 18-22)
    • Bethel: Danebo Elementary (Apr. 18-22), Prairie Mountain School (Apr. 18-22), Meadow View School (Apr. 4-8)


  • How can I help my school with this competition?
    • Do you have a box of old, broken or unused electronics? You can donate any of those items to NextStep during March and April, and your school will get credit towards the competition. Whether you take the materials directly to NextStep (245 Jackson in Eugene), or place them in the onsite collection box at the school, everything will be weighed and recorded by NextStep staff and volunteers.
    • NextStep will accept anything that has a plug, or takes batteries including: old working or broken electronics (e.g. toys, cell phones, monitors, computers, phones, cables, etc.). They will also accept rechargeable batteries, however used alkaline batteries (like AA, AAA, C & D) should be placed in the garbage and NextStep does not take them.


  • Is it easy to donate directly to NextStep?
    • Yes! Once you arrive at 245 Jackson St. (in Eugene near 2nd Ave.), someone will meet you at your car. Donate the materials, and you are all done.
    • Please remember that NextStep accepts donations from 8:30 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday.


  • What are the prizes that my school can win?
    • 1st Prize: a $500 gift certificate to the NextStep Reuse Store, and a robot trophy (medium to large-sized) made of recycled materials by a local artist.
    • 2nd Prize: a $300 gift certificate to the NextStep Reuse Store, and a robot trophy (medium-sized).
    • 3rd Prize: a $150 gift certificate to the NextStep Reuse Store, and a robot trophy (small-sized).
    • Prizes are provided by NextStep Recycling and Lane County Waste Management, and are based on the total weight donated for your school (measured in pounds).


  • What happens to my personal data (stored on computers/hard drives)?
    • If your hard drive is smaller than 20 GB, it will be dismantled (rendered completely unusable) and sent as scrap to be melted down for metal recovery. If your hard drive is 20 GB or larger, it will be cleared according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines for Media Sanitization. This writes a completely random series of "0"s and "1"s to all disk sectors, overwriting your personal data. If you have data you need to save, please do so before you donate your computer. (