Kalapuya High

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the environment and the society as we know it; if we all act together to help the community there could be endless possibilities on making the world a better place!!

History or Purpose

Community 101's purpose is to help the community and anything to do with it such as the environment, or natural disasters. We'd like to help out as much as possible.

Projects/Events planned for this year:

We plan on having fundraisers to fund planned parenthood, homelessness, and preventing domestic violence. How we're going to do so is by selling hot chocolate during cold weather in winter, selling snacks and face paintings at football games, and car washes once it gets warm.

Important Club Info:

Green Team meetings are every Wednesday.

If you have any questions you can contact our student/adult leaders:

  • Ivan Gonzalez (student)
  • Nathan Tena (student)
  • Will Larson - will.larson@bethel.k12.or.us (adult advisor)
  • Bonnie Nussbaum (adult advisor)