PSS Green Partnership Schools




Current 4th Grade GPS Elementary Schools (8 or 10-week program):

Bethel: Fairfield, Irving, Prairie Mountain; 4J: Adams, Awbrey Park, Bertha Holt, Camas Ridge, Edgewood, Edison, Family School, McCornack, River Road/El Camino del Rio, Yujin Gakuen; Springfield: Centennial, Dos Rios, Guy Lee, Maple, Riverbend

Current 5th Grade GPS Schools:

Bethel: Irving; 4J: Camas Ridge, Family School, River Road/El Camino del Rio; Springfield: Dos Rios, Maple

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Each Green Partnership School participates in the following:

  1. Sustainability Education
    • Hands-on, interactive lesson plans related to sustainability concepts.
      • Small group projects and discussion, student presentations, artwork and other meaningful hands-on activities.
    • 4th grade classrooms:
      • In depth introduction to sustainability concepts (soil, water, air and energy).
      • Opportunties for in-class energy & waste audits, as well as an action plan for potential school-wide changes.
      • Students create posters for hallways around school.
      • All lessons build a sense of place, focus on hands-on activities, involve small group/whole class discussions and align with Oregon Core Standards.
    • 5th grade classrooms:
      • Four in-class lessons on a specific habitat or local organization. The fifth lesson is in the field, allowing students to experience the place they learned about!
      • Current community partners include: BRING, WREN - West Eugene Wetlands, Friends of Trees, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene Science Center, and Oregon Wild.
      • We are working to expand this program to more schools!!
  2. Whole School Involvement
        • Waste and Energy Audits.
        • Zero Waste Challenge – competing with other GPS schools.
        • Whole school assembly in the spring.
        • Scheduling, planning and preparation of these activities will be organized by PSS staff and interns in collaboration with teachers, students, school staff and volunteers.