General information about this bi-annual conference:

The Hope in Action Youth Conference is like no other. Students from schools in Lane County gather to spend the day learning about "green" projects, getting to know more about what sustainability is, and to enjoy the day of festivities and entertainment. Local educators from a variety of organizations lead the workshops and/or speak to the whole group. Each student is given the chance to learn, participate and engage. The Hope in Action is for 4th grade students that participate in our Green Partnership Schools (GPS) program.

Information on our last Hope in Action youth conference:

Our last Hope in Action happened on February 18, 2020 with over 200 students from local Green Partnership Schools (GPS). The workshops and plenary sessions were fun and engaging! Everyone got to participate in a wide variety of activities, and all students had a chance to speak at the open mic in front of their peers.

Workshop Presenters

Past workshop presenters have included:

To see footage from past Hope in Action conferences - Click here to check out the highlights of the day (20 minutes)





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